July 14, 2024

Don’t Pet the Service Dog!

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I often wonder if people were always this stupid? Maybe social media has simply allowed us to see people as they truly are? Either way, we found this woman’s lost common sense LOL!

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Photo Credit – Helping Paws

December 23rd, 2018 – A Facebook video popped up and quickly went viral. It’s contents…. A woman arguing with a service dog handler as to why her child should be allowed to pet the dog.

This woman even went as far as telling the handler that she “should have a sign or something” since they aren’t allowed to pet the dog.

It’s shocking that people aren’t aware of service animals and their duties, nevertheless, how can one not spot a service animal… they are  pretty obvious as they typically wear a vest. 

It seems that we live in a culture of entitlement… see the video for proof.