May 21, 2024
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Do you love your pet?

How much? LOL

I love my pets but I believe myself to be a normal pet lover. We play, I feed them, of course on occasion they get new toys…

Pretty normal, right?

When does it become not normal?

Actor Jason Biggs from the American Pie movies alongside his wife, threw their dog a Bark Mitzvah… Their dog Teet turned 13 and had the party of all parties.

The couple held the event at the Sinai Temple in LA and Teets was able to eat his very own Challah!

I know… You’re thinking this is a celebrity thing, but in reality, there are lots of dog owners who hold Bark Mitzvahs for their pets. Sometimes Synagogues will assist and a rabbi will bless the pet and give the family a certificate to honor the special pup.

Not sure I would go this far for my dogs…

But I’m telling you this is a growing trend… Not birthdays, but barkdays. Elaborate parties for dogs.

One of the funniest barkday videos I’ve found went viral on TikTok. It was posted by @laylathelab, in the video the dog parent was attempting take a photo of a several dogs wearing party hats and playing in the snow. Obviously, a group photo didn’t work.

Honestly, I’ve always wondered, does the dog even know what’s going on? In several other videos the cake presentation to the dogs was absolute chaos. The dog excited to eat, people singing happy birthday in the background… It’s a recipe for disaster! Most videos end in some type of disaster, cakes being dropped, dogs zooming around, just chaos.

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