February 22, 2024

Skull Breaker Challenge

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This is an older challenge that started in 2020, but it’s gruesome. The challenge involves three people standing side by side. They all plan to jump into the air. The two on the ends do not jump and instead kick the middle person’s legs out from under them causing that person to fall. Obviously this can cause any number of injuries… 

Two New Jersey students faced criminal charges after doing this to a classmate. He was seriously injured when he fell.

First responders indicated that the boy had suffered a seizure. 

This challenge, obviously, can cause broken bones, concussions, major head injuries and death.

A Florida family tried to sue tik tok, blaming them for allowing the videos to be posted… 

Honestly… Parents need to do better. Communicate, educate…

For Fucks Sake… Teach your kids some common sense!

The only skull breaking going on in my era was when we tried to bite into a jawbreaker!

Jaw Breakers