April 25, 2024
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The holidays are coming!!! Mariah is defrosting as we speak! If you’re like me… You are NOT prepared.

If you’re prepping your home for holiday parties, you’ll have to go shopping, but legit hate shopping
online shopping is the way to go… But where do you start?

In this post… I’m bringing you some fun bathroom products that could easily transform your bathroom into the
most epic bathroom experience!

Here we gooooo….


Roto Wipe

My first pick on the potty favors list is… The Roto Wipe! A personal cleansing wheel. Save hundreds of dollars on toilet paper!

It moves at 2700 RPMS in the most gentle way, to give the best and clean experience… If you’ve read this far and think it’s real…

Hahaha GOT YOU! It’s actually an empty gift box… But what great prank!!!

Order a Roto Wipe today!


Are You Pooping

You can hardly call your bathroom a bathroom until you have a photo of
a cow asking if you are pooping…

It’s the difference between a house and a home…



5 Star Pooping 

Again a bathroom experience whether good or bad is not easily forgotten.

Now you can be sure your guests know you are
a 5 star pooping location with this sign that proves it!




Toilet Golfing

And here it is… My all time favorite piece for any bathroom.

The toilet gofing set… If the 5 stars didn’t prove to others that your
bathroom would be the best experience… This 100% proves it!

Don’t waste time order one now!