May 21, 2024

WTF happened to Madonna’s ass!

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It’s official, 2019 has started with a huge palm to the face for us. Innocently surfing the web and we came across a photo of Madonna’s  New Years Eve performance. All is well until you see her backside… it appears that she’s joined the ranks of the Kardashian’s and added ass implants. 

Image result for madonna's buttThere you have it… Madonna’s backside looks like she shoved some pillows into her pants. 

Of course, Madonna, a 60 year old music icon, has responded to the comments regarding her enlarged derriere. 

She took to Twitter to respond :

“Desperately Seeking No Ones Approval,” she wrote referencing her 1985 movie Desperately Seeking Susan.

Not sure why any one would jump on this band wagon… To go as far as to actually implant anything in your ass?! How is this even appealing?! 

While everyone is entitled to their own perception… we agree that this is the most ridiculous body modification yet!