July 14, 2024

Giant Cheeks make her happy…

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I guess beauty really is in the eye of the beholder… Anastasiia Pokreshchuk is a young Ukrainian woman who is obsessed with altering her face, particularly her lips and cheeks. She now has giant lumps on both sides of her face where her cheeks would be. 

She claims this look makes her happy. Though these types of procedures cost an enormous amount of money. But no worries, Anastasiia found a way to perform her own injection… using Hyaluronic acid. 

She says she’s only paid about $2000 so far, but knows she would have paid so much more at a professional clinic. 

Hyaluronic acid most commonly is found in anti-aging products, pretty sure this shit is not to be injected in your face, but maybe it is…. Either way she looks like a disfigured cartoonish character… 

Anastasiia claims her love life has been positively impacted and her appearance has boosted her confidence…

Whatever makes her happy, I guess.