April 25, 2024
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Pretty sure most have not heard the name Pixee Fox. Though, this idiot, Pixee Fox, believes that with her multiple cosmetic surgeries she has accomplished fame and become a household name. 

Once you see her photos, you quickly want to forget ever seeing or knowing of her. This stupid, idiot, had six of her ribs removed, so she could look like a cartoon character. But it doesn’t stop there. 

At one point, she had an eye surgery to change her eye color.  She claims she’s always wanted sea green colored eyes. So she had a $6000 eye implant performed in India. 

Eye implant surgery is only available to correct iris abnormalities in western countries. Though, Dr. Suraj Munjal in New Delhi, India will perform the surgery at the Spectra Eye Hospital.

To this point, she has had two eye implants, Rib removal, four rhinoplasties, four breast augmentations, two liposuctions, two blepharoplasties, one labiaplasty, a brow lift, cool sculpting, cheek injections, lip injections, is it possible to have anything else operated on? 

Nevertheless, when she removed six of her ribs, she left her internal organs open to danger. The dumb shit didn’t realize our ribs are intended to protect our organs. 

This former woman, current monstrosity, must have major body image issues to go through that many surgeries and the pain and recovery of them all.