July 14, 2024
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These two idiot bitches beat a 3 year old to death over a FUCKING CUPCAKE! This is where you have to stop and wonder about our world…

Glenndria and Lashirley Morris are from Atlanta, Georgia and are accused of killing Kejuan Mason with a baseball bat for eating a cupcake without permission.

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Kejuan mason

Kejuan Mason and his twin brother were living with Glenndria, his godmother and current legal guardian when the incident took place. The twins biological mother was abusive to the boys and had extreme temper issues, leading child services to remove the children from their mothers care.

Obviously, they didn’t send them to a safe home, nevertheless, did they even research the home before placing the two innocent babies!

According to authorities, the 3 year old had injuries to his arms, head, legs, and stomach, though the autopsy reports indicates he died from blunt force trauma to the head and torso.

While our justice system will take it’s time to prosecute in a fair manner…. We have to ask ourselves why not just beat the shit out of these two as they did this innocent little boy…. throw his idiot bio mom in there too. This poor innocent baby, never had a chance in this world. RIP Kejuan Mason