June 13, 2024
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Give a guy a job, pay him well, provide benefits and he has no desire to actually work…

This describes Jason Delacruz, a US postal worker who felt pressured by his job… delivering mail. This fucking idiot, stated he just couldn’t make the time to deliver mail on his route, so he rented a public storage unit and placed all the mail inside.

This moron paid $49 a month to store mail he claims he could not deliver. He admitted to the judge that he began hiding the mail around November or December of 2018 and went on to rent the storage space in February 2019. The storage was discovered in May 2019.

This idiot claims he meant to deliver it, but he could just never catch up. No shit, dumbass, what did you think was going to happen when you stored our mail in a storage.

The storage unit located in Virginia Beach, was full of nearly 5,000 pieces of mail. Important pieces coming from the IRS, DMV, Banks, and more. The USPS placed all that mail first-class after discovering it all.

Of course, the idiot resigned, he now faces a fine or up to five years in prison.