April 25, 2024

Buttered Popcorn Flavored Oreo’s

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This just screams disgusting. Buttered popcorn is amazing and so are Oreo’s, but mixed together… NO! Why the fuck Hot Spicy Cinnamon Oreodo people keep mixing foods together and trying to force everyone else to eat their psychotic cravings. 

Notice how most of these mixed flavors are short lived. That’s because they are disgusting!! This is by far the biggest stretch for the cookie. 
We’ve seen other combinations, strange, but not disgusting. Swedish Fish flavored creme filling was definitely odd, but not horrible. Not the best flavor to mix with a chocolate cookie, but definitely not as odd as the cinnamon candy flavored creme…. gross! 

Besides this disgusting buttered popcorn flavor, I’m pretty sure the worst flavor would be the candy corn flavor! WTF. A close 3rd would the root beer flavor, who wants to eat a root beer flavored cookie?! 

I think I’ll stick with regular Oreo’s for now.