May 21, 2024
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Sorry, I’m just going to say it… you all are fucking stupid… Netflix had to issue an official statement so you dumb shits wouldn’t walk around blindfolded and kill yourselves.

We watched the movie the day it came out and loved it! Though, no one, I repeat, no one here was inspired to wear a blind fold and walk around banging into walls.

It’s possible some of you are simply posing for pictures, but it’s scary to think there are some people actually walking around blind folded and body slamming into every one and anything.Thus far there have been no reported deaths and hopefully there won’t be, but I don’t give it long before some one gets hurt.

Seems these days, people are willing to do anything to get attention, even if it’s dangerous. Some are doing it to make memes.

Memes are the least of our concerns, the videos are insane! People blind folding their toddlers for a few laughs and even fake falling on train tracks!

Knock it off, you dumb shits!Embedded video