May 21, 2024
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Of all the stupid fucking things to go viral…. the latest is throwing a piece of sliced cheese at someones face. This actually started with someone throwing a slice of cheese at a babies face! WTF!

This poor little baby had no understanding of what was happening and the asshole who threw cheese at him thinks its funny…but since this poor baby was cheesed… we have now moved on to cousins, friends, dogs and any other poor victim. 

Obviously enough of you fucktards think it’s funny or it wouldn’t have gone viral… Just can’t say it enough, Stop making stupid shit viral!

I guess if you want to risk throwing cheese at your mama and getting your ass kicked, that is up to you…. but for the love of humanity, STOP throwing cheese at babies. 

This shit is not funny and the fact that its gone viral proves how many dumb shits are in the world. 

This ‘Cheesing’ shit has taken over Twitter… Tons of videos of people throwing cheese at babies and even cats! Besides… you’re wasting food! 

This poor cat…