July 14, 2024
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Hey guys and gals… we know money has been hard, but it seems that some people have become fucking geniuses using their body to make money and not in a fun, sexy way. 

She is a married mother of two kids and she uses a pseudonym… You can find her by searching for Emma Martin. She states that she’s been farting at the camera in videos since 1999. She charges her subscribers $4.99 a month and apparently people are buying subscriptions to watch her fart..

What’s even worse is she told a reporter that she plans her diet around her videos and mixes things like coleslaw and baked beans. OH for fucks sake!

Stephen Murmer’s genitalia and butt painting

Or you could create butt art like former Virginia art teacher Stephen Murmer lost his job because school officials just didn’t agree with him creating art with his butt cheeks. So now.. he’s just a full on butt cheek artist and occasionally he adds his genitals in there but only when the painting needs more detail. 

Definitely some of the strangest ways to make money!