April 25, 2024
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We’ve all been hiding out from Covid-19. Obviously no one wants to catch this nasty virus, but how scared are you? Enough to wear a mask and distance yourself from others? That seems pretty normal. 

You know what isn’t fucking normal…. ? Hiding out in an airport. 

36 year old Aditya Singh was afraid to board a flight to come home to California. Terrified of Covid-19, he remained in the Chicago O’Hare International airport for 3 months. He solely survived on food given to him by strangers. 

After being found in a restricted area, staff asked Singh for his badge. He took his mask off and presented his badge. The badge wasn’t his, but a missing badge from an operations manager who lost it months before.

This weirdo was arrested and charged with criminal trespassing in a restricted area and bail was set at $1000. The judge also prohibited Singh from returning to the airport. 

While being afraid of this nasty virus is pretty normal… Hiding out in a major airport is definitely a sign that you’ve lost your damn common sense!