July 14, 2024
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An overweight man was charged with animal abuse in southern Spain after a young donkey died, three days after he sat on it at an outdoor Nativity scene.

Oh my what the fuck?! You fat fuck!!! You needed a picture that bad you’d squash a donkey for it. 

This sweet five-month-old donkey named Platero was on display along with other animals in the Center of the town of Lucena in Spain’s Andalucia region. It was part of their annual Christmas celebrations, displaying a live nativity scene. 

December 10th a man weighing nearly 150 kilos or 330lbs,  climbed onto the donkey’s and sat on the animal’s back to have his picture taken.

A photo widely circulating on social media shows the large man, who wore a blue shirt and green pants, grinning as he poses on the donkey with one hand on his hip and the other hanging on to the wooden fence that was meant to keep him out.

Two days later the donkey was taken to a vet after local residents contacted Lucena town hall to say that the animal was not able to stand. By the third day, the donkey had died.  

Animal rights groups stated, “Our Platero was literally squashed by a man.”

Ladies and Gents… please don’t sit on the nativity animals for fucks sake!