June 13, 2024

Missing Women Searches for herself

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This story definitely exposes how stupid most people are these days. No one pays attention to anything past their nose. 

In 2012, a woman went on a tour of the southern volcanic region of the Islands Eidgja canyon, in Iceland. After arriving, the woman departed the tour bus to begin the tour. When it came time for the tour bus to leave, no one could find the woman. The driver waited for up to an hour and then alerted local authorities.

Authorities launched a full search and began combing the hillsides. The woman was described as an Asian woman standing 5 foot 2 who was wearing dark clothing. 

After several hours the search was called off, because the missing woman… had joined the search and never realized it was her they were searching for. 

Once she realized this, she informed the bus driver who informed the authorities. Apparently the missing woman had gotten off the bus for the tour and changed her clothes. It’s unclear how she was uncounted or missed. 

Quite honestly… I call bullshit! She either did this for attention or the bus driver is a dumb shit who can’t count. 

Either way if I were a passenger on that bus, I’d be pissed!!!