April 25, 2024

Martina Big goes black

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Image result for martina bigHow does a caucasian woman become a black woman? Oh, that’s easy, you just get multiple injections of synthetic hormone Melanotan, get baptized, move to Kenya and POOF, you’re a Black woman… ok, it’s not really that easy, but for Martina Big, that’s exactly how it happened.

Martina didn’t always aspire to be a Black woman… at one time she was a flight attendant and her longtime partner, Michael, was a pilot. Though, her dreams were to be a model and actress, so in 2012, she pursued that dream.

Though we have never seen Martina in any television show, movie or even a straight to DVD movie, we have seen her tour the talk show circuit and appear in documentaries about her monstrosities, I mean breasts…

In December of 2012, Martina had her breasts enlarged to an outrageous size, but since then she’s increased them to a 32S  and has the ability to increase them even more with a pump. It’s almost safe to say, she has the largest breasts in the world and has received excessive attention as a result.

Though recently, Martina stated she identifies as a black woman and began obtaining tanning injections to turn her skin black. Martina’s long time partner, Michael followed along and darkened his skin as well. The two finally got married in October of 2018 and pursued their dream of becoming black by being baptized in Kenya and changed her name to Malaika Kubwa, which means Big Angel in Swahili.

She and her husband are now house hunting in Kenya… I’m pretty sure she should receive the WTF of the year award… Well, she at least has my vote.